Dienstag, 13. Januar 2015

Chinese for beginners - or as I took the pictures as guide for the new phone holder

Last week, my final week of the holiday, my sewing mojo came back after the christmas presents sewing frenzy. I will blog about these later.

We bought new phones and they didn't fit all the holders I knit/crochet/sew until today.
So I had to sew a new one and this should also be a geeky one.

I know, I already used the pattern for the pillow cover, but I really love it and had some more orange leftovers from the pillow.

Searching on pinterest (my to sew list is even more longer ;) ) brought me to this rough pattern: Chinese smartphone holder

I measured my phone, converted it to inches, and sew.

Nananananananana Batman :D

Mr. Freeman would be proud of the covered button ;)

I used two layers of eco quilt batting inside, so the phone is really good protected.

Crowbars FTW!

4 Step Flagstone Quilt - FQ-Version

As I heared, that an aunt of mine is really serious sick, I had to sew a quilt for her. I really hope, it gives her comfort in these hard times.

I subscribed for the cotton + steel monthly fabric club and so I had enough fabric at home to sew one.

If you have a bunch of FQs, first address to head to is the moda bake shop.
This is where I found this really great pattern: 4-step flagstone quilt

So I picked a few from the stash and sorted them for the quilt.

This went together really fast as is quilted with my favorite pattern.

For the backing I chose a fabric from my LQS. More this 'n' that by Nancy Halvorsen Bernatex, LLC

The batting is the eco quilt batting from Freudenberg

For the binding I used the backing fabric for the first time and it worked out really well.

As she received it, she called me and was so happy :)

All the best wishes for her!

Montag, 3. November 2014

Wedding quilt for my darlings BFF

Weddingquilt 03

In August, the best friend of Robert and his sweetheart celebrated their wedding.
Anna is also a seamstress and I wanted to make a special gift for them.

I ever wanted to try this pattern and found the perfect jelly roll for this. They are also goth, so the choice for the corresponding color ways easy.

For the back I used also Kona Cotton in black and the refrigerator magnet Alphabet from Elizabeth Hartman. The technique is really easy to use, and I sew this on my beloved featherweight.
The other fabric is really beautiful, it is Stof a/s Nr. 4518-319 Kollektion: Quilters Basic Special. I bouth it at my LQS Quilt&Textilkunst. For the letters I used Sundance Graphics Objects Newspaper in Vintage.
The quilting itself is a very easy one and was done with Aurifil thread in grey.

Weddingquilt 01

This beautiful bed <3

Weddingquilt 02

Weddingquilt 04

Weddingquilt 05

Weddingquilt 06

Weddingquilt 07

Thanks to Anna for the pics. I forgot to take them before we left for the wedding XD.

Happy quilting everyone,


Freitag, 31. Oktober 2014

Drunk Zebra is done

Drunk Zebra

Since the beginning of this quilt, I love the pattern.

Drunk Zebra

Yes, chain piecing the paper foundation piecing was boring, really boring.

Drunk Zebra

But, with a good audio book in the ears and some cups of coffee, every piecing has an end and you completed a whole quilt front.

Drunk Zebra

It took me a lot of thinking and time to decide, how to quilt this black/white quilt. I didn't want the quilting thread to stand out too much, but you should see the texture. I thought about a mid-grey color, but then I would be recognized on black and white.

Drunk Zebra

Lucky me found a varigated thread at one booth at the "Patchworkmesse Erding" this year and all I had to do now was quilt.

I used the Freudenberg Eco-Batting. It is a little sticky on both sides and this helps a lot, when you use normal needles to make the sandwich. It does not shift that much.

Drunk Zebra

After quilting this, I was very impatient to finish it and cuddle underneath. I used a tutorial for machine binding and this really works out great. I need to improve on binding like this but for the first time doing this, it was OK.

Drunk Zebra

The back is my beloved IKEA fabric

Drunk Zebra

I finished the quilt on first of October and like to showplace it on AmysCreativeSide


Happy quilting everyone :)

Samstag, 4. Oktober 2014

Who needs new potholders?

My best friends birthday was last weekend and I asked him, what I can gift to him.
His answer: potholders :D

Since he is a big Doctor Who fan, the choice was easy.
My always reliable source for paper foundation piecing pattern has brought me a lot of possibilities and I chose two of these: Fandom in Stitches - Doctor Who

Lucky as I was, I found Insul Bright at a booth at the patchworkmesse in Erding this year.
I also bought the background fabric there, all other fabrics had been in my stash.

To protect the hands from both sides and not to need to use the side with the pieced fabric, I used this tutorial for the sewing: Pretty little potholder tutorial 
It was easy to follow and you guess right, without the ruffle.

Doctor Who potholders - Topflappen

Doctor Who potholders - Topflappen

Doctor Who potholders - Topflappen